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Book Blog #3

In the Aunt Ida section of this book; starting with chapter 17, we learn some mind blowing stuff. As we get farther into the chapter, we read that Ida's aunt Clara is visiting, and at this point it seems like Ida is just absolutely fascinated with Clara; from her looks to the way she acts and her choice of clothing. Farther into the section, we also read Idas' father has an affair with Clara. Life then begins to grow, and Ida then must make a huge decision that will follow her for the remainder of her life. Their family basically is ashamed of what others will think of them; so they have this idea that

Book Blog #2 4/24/15

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water - Michael Dorris

In chapter  15 & 16 in this book, we read about Christine and her views and how she tells it in her perspective of growing up/her life. During these chapters, she is staying with Dayton and that day he is going to the yearly rodeo. What she doesn't know is that when he arrives there he will see her younger daughter riding! Dayton notices her, and Rayona wants to come with him back to his house. She wanted to see her mother. Rayona and Dayton show back up after the rodeo, and when Christine see's her, she's happy, but she isn't. She was mainly kinda upset because Rayona left her Aunt Ida's and it was basically the worrying that made her upset when she saw her. These chapters end with Christine and her daughter going to get breakfast and Christine letting/teaching her to drive. Nice mother and daughter bonding.

Book Blog 3/19/15

Where the Heart Is - Billie Letts

This book is kinda, different in a way. It's about a young 17 year old, soon-to-be mother from the south. Novalee Nation. When her boyfriend (baby's father) decides to take a trip to his new employment in California. So they start their journey in a old cheap car that has a hole in the floorboard, and when Novalee wakes up from her nap, she discovers she lost her sandles in the hole and they were long down the highway by now. Her boyfriend isn't exactly the kindest, very selfish also. She asks if they could stop so she could use a restroom and by a new pair of sandles when they pass a nearby Wal-Mart. She goes in, taking her time and when she comes outside, her boyfriend is missing. No car of theirs in the parking lot, nothing. That's basically where im at right now.

book blog #12

The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

Susie's father has gotten a sense that he thinks he knows who murdered his daughter, even though the case is still cold. Mr. Harvey, one afternoon was outside, in the cold, building some hideout or tent/dome. Susie's father saw him outside and volunteered to help. As im sure the salmon family was used to, he started giving her father sympathy about his loss. It eventually led up to Mr. Harvey telling him to leave and go home.

On their first christmas without susie, she explained as she watched them from above, as different; abnormal. This was the day Buckley finally found out the real reason his big sister was gone for so long, and being a kid, he still didn't fully grasp the situation. As far as he knew, all people who leave, come back. She knew her little brother, Buckley, could see her, or sense her. He explains to his friend, Nate, how he came in his room the night before and gave him a kiss on his cheek, as time passes, however, I think he begins to understand. 

Her grandmother, Grandma Lynn, was one of the....lets just say uniqest grandmother. Not your typically thought of a granny. She loved limos, big fur coats, makeup, and only the best of best of things. Let's not forget her "special beverages". Susie's mother, Abigail, didn't always love how childrens grandmother was. As her mother and father, and sister Lindsey watching their grandmother give her mother a 'special grandma lynn makeover', Linsdey had thought of how everyone had told her how much she looked like her younger sister who was murdered. She then asked how to use makeup, hoping it would be less of a coincidence being told who she resembled. 

book blog #11

The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

I've gotten pretty far in the book. After Mr. Harvey asked Susie to see the thing he built, she was then alerted in her brain that she was uncomfortable, she wanted to go home. Susie told him she wanted to go home, her parents always told her to be back before dark, and it was well past it. Mr. Harvey said Susie's name, and she knows she never told him her name, I would've been extreamly weirded out. After she glances at the project of her neighbors, she was then fascinated, or more... curious. It was all structed out of earth. Twigs, grass, and dirt, she wanted to find out more. She went inside, unknowing it was going to be the last place she'd be at; breathing. Things changed in a matter of minutes. Mr. Harvey ended up calling her beautfiul, weird, and she attempted to escape. It did not work out too well. He raped and killled her, along with cutting parts of her body off, unaware the police would eventually find Susie's elbow hiden in the woods.

The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

I've just started reading this book, so I'm not very far. But what I've read so far is the book takes place during the winter in the early '70s and the main character, Susie Salmon has 2 siblings. A older sister named Lindsey and a younger brother named Buckley. Susie always took the shortcut through the dried out cornfield on her way home after school, but on December 6th when she was walking home her neighbor, Mr. Harvey, was standing in the cornfield. As if he was strickly waiting for, and he was. He asked her if she wanted to see something he built. With all that said, that's pretty much what I've read so far.