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The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

I've gotten pretty far in the book. After Mr. Harvey asked Susie to see the thing he built, she was then alerted in her brain that she was uncomfortable, she wanted to go home. Susie told him she wanted to go home, her parents always told her to be back before dark, and it was well past it. Mr. Harvey said Susie's name, and she knows she never told him her name, I would've been extreamly weirded out. After she glances at the project of her neighbors, she was then fascinated, or more... curious. It was all structed out of earth. Twigs, grass, and dirt, she wanted to find out more. She went inside, unknowing it was going to be the last place she'd be at; breathing. Things changed in a matter of minutes. Mr. Harvey ended up calling her beautfiul, weird, and she attempted to escape. It did not work out too well. He raped and killled her, along with cutting parts of her body off, unaware the police would eventually find Susie's elbow hiden in the woods.