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The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold

Susie's father has gotten a sense that he thinks he knows who murdered his daughter, even though the case is still cold. Mr. Harvey, one afternoon was outside, in the cold, building some hideout or tent/dome. Susie's father saw him outside and volunteered to help. As im sure the salmon family was used to, he started giving her father sympathy about his loss. It eventually led up to Mr. Harvey telling him to leave and go home.

On their first christmas without susie, she explained as she watched them from above, as different; abnormal. This was the day Buckley finally found out the real reason his big sister was gone for so long, and being a kid, he still didn't fully grasp the situation. As far as he knew, all people who leave, come back. She knew her little brother, Buckley, could see her, or sense her. He explains to his friend, Nate, how he came in his room the night before and gave him a kiss on his cheek, as time passes, however, I think he begins to understand. 

Her grandmother, Grandma Lynn, was one of the....lets just say uniqest grandmother. Not your typically thought of a granny. She loved limos, big fur coats, makeup, and only the best of best of things. Let's not forget her "special beverages". Susie's mother, Abigail, didn't always love how childrens grandmother was. As her mother and father, and sister Lindsey watching their grandmother give her mother a 'special grandma lynn makeover', Linsdey had thought of how everyone had told her how much she looked like her younger sister who was murdered. She then asked how to use makeup, hoping it would be less of a coincidence being told who she resembled.