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Kylee Strever

Book Blog 3/19/15

Where the Heart Is - Billie Letts

This book is kinda, different in a way. It's about a young 17 year old, soon-to-be mother from the south. Novalee Nation. When her boyfriend (baby's father) decides to take a trip to his new employment in California. So they start their journey in a old cheap car that has a hole in the floorboard, and when Novalee wakes up from her nap, she discovers she lost her sandles in the hole and they were long down the highway by now. Her boyfriend isn't exactly the kindest, very selfish also. She asks if they could stop so she could use a restroom and by a new pair of sandles when they pass a nearby Wal-Mart. She goes in, taking her time and when she comes outside, her boyfriend is missing. No car of theirs in the parking lot, nothing. That's basically where im at right now.