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Kylee Strever

Book Blog #2 4/24/15

A Yellow Raft in Blue Water - Michael Dorris

In chapter  15 & 16 in this book, we read about Christine and her views and how she tells it in her perspective of growing up/her life. During these chapters, she is staying with Dayton and that day he is going to the yearly rodeo. What she doesn't know is that when he arrives there he will see her younger daughter riding! Dayton notices her, and Rayona wants to come with him back to his house. She wanted to see her mother. Rayona and Dayton show back up after the rodeo, and when Christine see's her, she's happy, but she isn't. She was mainly kinda upset because Rayona left her Aunt Ida's and it was basically the worrying that made her upset when she saw her. These chapters end with Christine and her daughter going to get breakfast and Christine letting/teaching her to drive. Nice mother and daughter bonding.